Starring drills for drill shuffle

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I would like a feature where I could star different drills I don't do well on so I could drill them all together. For example, I often get mixed up with the some of the move 2 variations of the Vienna (Chapter 1) & some variations in the Vienna main line (Chapter 2). I would have to do the entire chapter or chapters' worth of drills just to practice the few lines that I wanted. Since these drills are in different chapters, to practice those drills and those drills alone I would have to maneuver between chapter selects, which becomes annoying after a while.

I suggest a starring system of drills. Once the drill was starred/marked, I could use "Drill Shuffle" feature to specifically do only the targeted drills I chose. This system could also extend to the quizzes and quiz shuffles. Adding these drills in their own "Starred drills" chapter could cut down on wondering what lines need practice. These additions save time and hassle and think would be a great addition to the platform.

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Comments: 2

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