Retain Hints after losing 3 lifes in Survival Drills

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When doing survival drills on the courses if you mess up and you still have lifes left you will get a hint telling you what the move you should have played is, similar to relax mode. However if you make a mistake to lose your final strike (3rd strike) then you stop getting the hints and instead get the message "You have used up all of your strikes. Click below to end the game." . Personally, before I end the drill I like to try reset and run through the whole drill correctly to see where I went wrong (so I have a better chance of remembering it for the next drill). The fact that it stops displaying hints makes this difficult, especially when the variation is 13 moves long and I do something silly on move 5 (personal experiences in on of the caro lines I failed on lol). Maybe I am missing the point of something here, but I think itd be nice to show the hint message and the previously mentioned "used all strikes" one so that people can run through correctly at the end if they want.

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Comments: 2